The old town experience

Guided tour of the new old town and one-hour river cruise for 15 or more persons


When people think of Frankfurt, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the city’s banking high-rises. Fact is, Frankfurt has much more to offer than its skyscrapers. City visitors should make sure to include a stroll through Frankfurt’s “new old town” in their activities programme. Nestled between Emperors’ Cathedral and Römer City Hall, they’ll find a faithfully reconstructed old town featuring small shops, cosy cafés, rustic restaurants and magnificent museums just waiting to be discovered. After your tour of the “new” quarter’s winding laneways, you’ll get to enjoy a leisurely river cruise while sailing past the city’s imposing skyline.


The arrangements are bookable for 15 or more persons.

Duration in hours

Approx. three


Payment term

  • Up to 22 days prior to tour start per invoice or credit card
  • 21 days or less prior to tour start per credit car