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Your calendar into the diverse world of events in Frankfurt

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Frankfurt events, from thrilling concerts to fascinating cultural festivals.

This calendar is your comprehensive guide to Frankfurt's diverse event landscape. Experience the city in all its facets, from the lively art scene to major sporting events. Plan your visit with ease and find events that match your interests perfectly. A new discovery awaits you every day - experience the dynamism and creativity of this unique city. Discover the local festivals that get Frankfurt's heart beating and the eclectic music events that cater to every taste. From traditional markets to innovative theatre productions, Frankfurt offers experiences for all visitors.


UEFA EURO 2024 matches in Frankfurt - Experience international football flair in one of Germany's most vibrant cities

Folk fairs and fun festivals organised by the Frankfurt Tourist+Congress Board


Annual street festivals - immerse yourself in Frankfurt's colourful markets, folk festivals and open-air events

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