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Best of Frankfurt

Business, trade fairs and shopping on the one hand, culture, cosiness and traditions on the other.

Frankfurt am Main: a melting pot of contrasts. Here, vibrant business meets lively culture, modern architecture meets historical treasures. A visit to the Römerberg, where half-timbered romanticism breathes history, is a must.

The skyline, viewed from the banks of the Main, bears witness to Frankfurt's economic dynamism. Lovers of art and history will find their haven along the museum embankment, while the station district attracts visitors with its culinary and cultural diversity.

The Palmengarten with its lush flora invites you to take a breather. Frankfurt combines apparent contrasts and offers endless opportunities for discovery - a true best of for every visitor.

200  Meters

is the height of the Main Tower's viewing platform is, offering a 360-degree view of the skyline and the city.

600  Years

the Römer already serves as Frankfurt's political centre and is one of the city's most important historical buildings.

22  Hectare

of recreational space offers the Palmengarten, one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany.

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A kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences

The Römerberg, with its charming half-timbered houses, stands at the heart of the Old Town and is an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the historical side of Frankfurt. Not far away is the Main Tower, whose viewing platform offers a spectacular view of the skyline and the city.

Art enthusiasts will find what they are looking for at the Städel Museum, which presents an impressive collection of works from European art history. The Palmengarten is the perfect place for a break in nature; here you can relax amidst exotic plant worlds.

And the Eiserne Steg, a pedestrian bridge, offers romantic views of the Main and the skyline, while the lively railway station district with its diverse gastronomy and culture invites you to explore. 

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Seasons in Frankfurt

Always something going on...

Frankfurt celebrates every season in a unique way.

In spring, the city awakens to new life; the banks of the Main invite you to take relaxing walks, while the Palmengarten delights with its blooming splendour.

Summer is the perfect time for cultural festivals in the open air, such as the Museumsuferfest, which combines art, music and culinary delights on the banks of the Main.

Autumn colours characterise the cityscape and invite you to take a leisurely stroll through Frankfurt's Old Town, while the Frankfurt Book Fair is the literary highlight.

In winter, Frankfurt's squares are transformed into picturesque Christmas markets, enticing visitors with the scent of mulled wine and a festive atmosphere. 


Spring, summer, autumn, winter

4 seasons, 1 city

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Programme suggestions

For a few hours or several days

For a short stay, a trip to the Main Tower to marvel at the impressive skyline is worthwhile, followed by a stroll through the historic old town and a visit to the famous Römerberg.

If you have a whole day at your disposal, don't miss a walk along the museum embankment, where the Städel Museum and the German Film Museum are lined up side by side. Complemented by a boat trip on the Main, you can experience Frankfurt from a unique perspective.

For a longer stay, we recommend exploring Frankfurt's diversity - from discovering the Palmengarten to a trip to the lively railway station district. Rounded off by a visit to a local cider pub, you can immerse yourself in Frankfurt culture.

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Frankfurts neighbourhoods

43 neighbourhoods to discover

A mosaic of 43 unique neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood tells its own story. From Sachsenhausen, steeped in history with its cosy cider taverns, to the modern Europaviertel with its futuristic architecture. Whether you stroll through the lively streets of Bornheim or soak up the creative flair in Nordend, Frankfurt shows itself from many exciting sides.

Frankfurt by topic

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Discover the city in a different way: grab your smartphone and experience digital Frankfurt up close. Or immerse yourself in the captivating history of Jewish Frankfurt - stories that move you. And architecture? It's not just for looking at here. From traditional half-timbered houses to gleaming skyscrapers - Frankfurt shows what architecture can do. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a tour that is anything but run-of-the-mill.


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Jewish Frankfurt

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