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Digital Frankfurt

A new dimension of
urban discovery

Experience culture and history where past and future come together. Our Digital Frankfurt page takes you straight to the heart of our varied digital offerings.

Immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage through innovative digital formats: From the living stories of our museums, told in virtual tours and digitorials, to a journey through time that takes you back to historical Frankfurt via TimeRide, an virtual trip through time.

Then there's our very own augmented reality app, which invites you to experience the magnificent imperial coronation up close.

Come and start your journey through Frankfurt - a city that masterfully interweaves tradition and digitalisation.

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Offers and experiences

Digitorials, tours, virtual time travel and more

Digital offers Staedel Museum

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Digitorial Liebieghaus

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Frankfurt City Tour

Augmented Reality App

Experience the imperial coronation of Joseph II with Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1764.

After downloading our free app, use your smartphone to experience the real and digital world via augmented reality and 360-degree photos during a personal visit to Frankfurt's Old Town. When looking through the camera, the digitalised historical elements are superimposed onto the real world. Emperors' Cathedral, the “Hühnermarkt”plaza  in the New Old Town and the Römerberg with the Römer itself serve as tour locations. Playfully explore the coronation route through the New  Old Town and experience the coronation of Joseph II in 1764 up close and personal

Technical information
All you need is a smartphone or tablet with Internet access to download the app. You no longer need the Internet to use the app. You just have to have your GPS signal switched on while using the app.

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