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Art and Culture

A kaleidoscope of the arts

A cultural paradise

Frankfurt - Where art and culture blend together

This city, located in the heart of Europe, is a cultural hotspot that inspires with its impressive museum landscape, lively music scene, various theatres and rich literary tradition. Frankfurt is not only a meeting place for art lovers, but also a stage for creativity and innovation.

Here, the historical significance of Goethe is combined with modern avant-garde, creating a unique atmosphere that invites you to explore and participate.

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Theatre groups show their skills.


Stages ensure a lively theatre scene in Frankfurt.


Museums in Frankfurt show a spectrum ranging from classical and contemporary art to natural history and film.

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Museums in Frankfurt

Frankfurt's cultural scene inspires with its unrivalled diversity, quality and dynamism.

With offers ranging from historical treasures and curious discoveries to scientific findings, Frankfurt's museum landscape appeals to connoisseurs as well as the curious and culture enthusiasts of all ages.

The unique Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) offers a remarkable variety of themes in a very small space. It is, simply put, one of the most outstanding cultural phenomena in all of Germany.

The vibrant museum quarter near the reconstructed Old Town, with the Historical Museum, Schirn Kunsthalle, the MMK Museum of Modern Art and many more, expands the city's cultural offerings.

Even the world of finance finds its place in Frankfurt's cultural panorama with the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Deutsche Börse Visitors Centre.

museum scene

Frankfurt's museum landscape is characterised by its impressive diversity - from ancient treasures to modern art, from insights into financial history to avant-garde exhibitions, and so much more. Each museum opens a window into a different world, enriching the city's cultural heritage. Let yourself be inspired by the various supercategories and discover your own personal highlights in this rich spectrum of museums.

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Musical hotspot

From jazz and classical music to

Frankfurt pulsates to the rhythm of its diversified music scene. It is a real hot-spot for melodies of all kinds.

From the celebrated sounds of the Frankfurt Opera, known for its award-winning performances, to the historical Alte Oper, where concerts, operas and musicals make hearts beat faster, Frankfurt has it all. And then there's the Festhalle, where international stars of the rock and pop world rock the stage.

Every year, Germany's oldest jazz festival attracts fans of this lively genre in great numbers, proof of Frankfurt's deep musical roots. But wait, there's more: Frankfurt hums and vibrates to the beat of electronic beats, characterised by Sven Väth and a pulsating club life that turns night into day.

In Frankfurt, music lives in every corner - a colourful mix that comes from the heart and sweeps everyone away.

Places of music ...

in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt's theatre 

Stage magic in the metropolis on the River Main

Theatre and stages have a special place in this city, one that radiates far beyond the boundaries of its banking high-rises.

Here, where traditional theatre blends with avant-garde experiments, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in a world full of emotions and thoughts. The centrepiece is the Schauspielhaus, which fascinates with a wide range of productions. However, smaller theatres and independent groups, such as the charming “Fliegende Volksbühne”, also enrich the city's cultural offerings with plays in dialect and innovative performances.

A highlight for young audiences is the children's theatre festival named "Starke Stücke", which presents the best productions for young audiences every year.

And let's not forget the “Tigerpalast”, which delights with international variety theatre. The city's theatre landscape is a vibrant expression of its cultural diversity and creativity - a place where the art of storytelling is celebrated in all of its facets.

The city of books

Frankfurt as a city of literature

As a city of literature, Frankfurt opens the door to a world in which books play the leading role. As the birthplace of Goethe, it is not only home to the famous Goethe House, but also the German National Library - a centrepiece of literary culture.

Every year, the city becomes a global meeting place for the book world with the International Frankfurt Book Fair, while the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade finds its dignitaries at the historical St Paul's Church. 

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