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Central in Germany,  
Transport hub in Europe

Travelling by car, bus or long-distance coach

Thanks to its central location and good connections to the motorway network, Frankfurt is easy to reach from all directions. The city's rise to become a trade fair city and financial and commercial centre was already linked to its convenient location, as several European trade routes intersected here.

Long-distance bus stops:

  • Frankfurt Central Station (Mannheimer Straße)
  • Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2

Tickets for the long-distance buses are available from Flixbus, among others

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Travelling by train

Around 460,000 travellers pass through the main station every day. It is one of the busiest long-distance railway stations in Germany. From here, there are connections to all German conurbations as well as numerous European metropolises such as Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Basel and Amsterdam.

Travelling by plane

Frankfurt Airport is the largest passenger airport in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. Around 300 destinations in almost 100 countries can be reached from here. 
But it is also only a short journey from the airport to the city centre: it can be reached by taxi or S-Bahn in just a few minutes.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is located around 120 kilometres from Frankfurt. It developed from an American military airfield into an international commercial airport and is now the tenth largest passenger airport in Germany.

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Getting around in Frankfurt

If you want to avoid the stress of looking for a parking space or traffic jams, or if your feet are aching after a long day of sightseeing, you should use the excellent public transport system or cycle.


Cycling through Frankfurt

The bicycle is a fantastic choice: healthy, environmentally friendly and perfect for discovering Frankfurt from new perspectives. It offers a refreshing alternative to cars, buses and trains. You'll find a variety of bike rental systems in the city, including offers such as “Call a Bike” from Deutsche Bahn AG and “nextbike by TIER”. Local providers such as Terranova & FrankfurtBikeTour also invite you to go on unique exploratory tours.