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Frankfurt to take home with you

Frankfurt for your home!

Our top 8 souvenirs - discover the city in each of these souvenirs and take a piece of Frankfurt with you.

Experience Frankfurt in a very special way with our hand-picked souvenirs. Start with the seeds for green sauce herbs, a real piece of Frankfurt cooking tradition that you can grow yourself. Then discover the Mini Bembel, a symbol of hospitality in miniature form that will find a place in every home. Our special cider soap, made from one of the city's most famous drinks, offers a unique care experience. The sturdy cloth bag accompanies you everywhere and proudly displays its Frankfurt roots.

For explorers and history buffs, our detailed travel guide is an indispensable companion. The Kuschelbembel, a soft version of the traditional drinking vessel, ensures cosy moments at home. With the stylish napkins, you can bring the Frankfurt way of life into your kitchen. And the Kuschelgeripptes, a cosy homage to the classic Frankfurt cider glasses, ensures cosy evenings.

Discover the diverse selection of Frankfurt souvenirs in our Römer Tourist Information Centre. We can also send you many of the souvenirs by post on request!

The minimum order value is € 5.00.
No shippent of fragile goods.
No shippent of foodstuffs outside Germany.

Snuggle Jug and
Snuggle "Gerippte"

Price: € 8.95 per item

Frankfurt to snuggle up in. Whether for a nap on the train, aeroplane, on the banks of the Main or during your lunch break - if you can rest your head on the Kuschelbembel or Kuschelgerippten, you are sure to have sweet dreams.

Cushion in the shape of a "Bembel" - the traditional earthenware jug for cider.
17 cm wide and 28 cm high.

Cushion in the shape of a "Gerippten" - the traditional Frankfurt cider glass
17 cm wide and 28 cm high.

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Apple wine soap

© #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann

Price: € 3.95 per piece

A gift for the senses: A body care product made of real Frankfurt apple wine

Green Sauce seed packets

© #visitfrankfurt

Price € 5.99 per unit

Fresh is always best: This blend of seven herbs is the perfect addition to your garden!

Miniature "Bembel" keychain

© #visitfrankfurt

Price: € 3.95 per unit

A Bembel for your trouser pocket

Frankfurt City Guide

© Kraichgau Verlag GmbH

Price: € 5.00

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish

Serviettes featuring the seven-herbs motif

© #visitfrankfurt

Price: € 4.50 per packet

Stylish Frankfurt table decor: The ideal serviettes for a traditional Green Sauce meal.

Frankfurt textile shopping bag

© #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann

Price: € 2.00 per unit

Shopping bag featuring various Frankfurt motifs (Römer, Skyline, Old Town)

Basic  Jute bag, perfect for every purpose.

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