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On the move in Frankfurt: Nature, Sport, and Adventure

Green Frankfurt

Often seen purely as a financial hub, the city harbours a surprisingly green heart.

Among skyscrapers and bustling activity, numerous green oases are hidden away. Who would have thought the city had so much nature to offer?

From the exotic Palm Garden to the extensive city forest – a city with all sorts of green spots for relaxation and a breath of fresh air. These green havens are perfect for anyone seeking a break from daily life or wishing to enjoy nature. Here, city life and natural experiences uniquely come together.

Additionally, Frankfurt boasts its status as a sporty city. Throughout the city, running groups make their rounds, cyclists enjoy the paths along the Main, and various sports facilities provide space for activity. Whether you're sportingly ambitious or just love nature – in Frankfurt, you'll find your space.

This mix of green lungs and lively sporting spirit makes Frankfurt special. The city lives, breathes, and invites you to be active. Discover for yourself why Frankfurt offers more greenery and movement than one might expect.

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Green havens in Frankfurt…

enchant with their diversity. Lohrberg beckons with its panoramic view over the skyline, while the Old Bonames Airfield offers a unique nature escape. Breathtaking views unfold from the newly erected Goethe Tower. But that’s just the beginning: Discover the other green treasures hidden throughout the city. Every corner tells its story, full of life and surrounded by greenery, a paradise for those seeking fresh air and nature amidst urbanity.


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Cycling in and around Frankfurt

Discover Frankfurt and its surroundings on two wheels: The GrünGürtel cycle route and the MainRadweg meander through picturesque landscapes, perfect for family outings. With five diverse cycling routes, the Regionalpark RheinMain has something to offer for every cycling enthusiast. From green oases to historic treasures along the Main – the region offers varied paths for all cyclists. Whether you want to explore the area at a leisurely pace or challenge yourself, here you’ll find your perfect cycling adventure. Dive into nature and enjoy the freedom on a bike in Frankfurt's vibrant surroundings.

Green spaces in Frankfurt

Parks and gardens

In Frankfurt, where green meets city, true natural jewels are hidden. Grüneburgpark attracts with its expansive meadows and secluded shady spots, a dream for those seeking relaxation or wishing to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Bethmannpark offers a touch of the Far East in the city with its enchanting Chinese garden – a peaceful retreat for moments of quiet and reflection.

For families, Ostpark, with its diverse play and barbecue areas, is a real highlight. Here, kids can frolic to their heart's content while adults gather in convivial company. Niddapark appeals especially to the active: Its well-maintained jogging paths make it the ideal place for runners and walkers who want to challenge their bodies in harmony with nature.

These green refuges offer not only a break from the hectic city bustle but also the chance to discover and experience the diversity of nature in Frankfurt. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read, want to engage in sports, or simply wish to relax and unwind.

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Hiking in and around Frankfurt…

combines nature, culture, and movement. The Frankfurt Green Belt encircles the city with paths through diverse landscapes. Urban Hiking in the Regionalpark RheinMain takes you through historic sites and modern architecture. The Schwanheim Dunes offer rare natural experiences near Höchst. Art enthusiasts can discover public art on tours. This diversity makes Frankfurt an ideal starting point for those eager to actively explore the region.

The City of Sports

Frankfurt pulses with the rhythm of sport

Here, the heart beats for diverse sporting activities, from exciting football matches to thrilling ice hockey games. The city cheers at major events like the Frankfurt Marathon and provides an ideal stage for cycling and water sports on the Main. With its first-class sports infrastructure and green parks, Frankfurt invites everyone to become active. It's this mix of tradition and vibrant sports culture that makes Frankfurt a true city of sports.

Beyond professional sports, Frankfurt offers a wealth of options for amateurs and recreational athletes. The Main banks and extensive parks serve as a perfect backdrop for joggers, cyclists, and water sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy the fresh air and freedom over the water. The city's sports infrastructure is impressive, encompassing everything from football fields and swimming pools to modern sports halls.

This diversity and vibrant sports culture foster a community characterized by dynamism and an active lifestyle. Frankfurt thus proves it offers more than just a skyline and financial district – it's a place where sport plays a central role in urban life and brings together people of various backgrounds. Therefore, Frankfurt is not only a city of economy but also a true city of sports, where everyone finds their space to be active and live out their passions.

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