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Frankfurt tips

Barrier-free, family-oriented and LGBTQ-friendly

Explore Frankfurt: Personalised tips for your visit

Tailor-made recommendations for all visitors

Frankfurt, a vibrant city, welcomes all visitors, especially those interested in accessible travel, group activities, child-friendly experiences and the LGBTQ community.

Accessible travel is a top priority in Frankfurt. The city offers countless wheelchair-accessible sights and accessible tours. Highlights such as the MainTower and the Museum Embankment are accessible to all. These inclusive offers make Frankfurt an ideal destination for persons with limited mobility.

Groups will also find a wide range of offers in Frankfurt. From old town tours to cruises on the River Main, the city is perfect for group trips. Frankfurt's gastronomy welcomes travel groups and often offers special menus for groups.

Children, meanwhile, are certain to experience plenty of fun and adventure in Frankfurt. The zoo, numerous playgrounds and child-friendly museums such as the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History offer unforgettable moments to youngsters of all ages. These child-friendly attractions are ideal for a family day out.

The LGBTQ+ community has also developed a vibrant and diverse scene in Frankfurt. Featuring LGBTQ+ bars, clubs and events such as Christopher Street Day, Frankfurt is a place of diversity and openness where LGBTQ+ travellers are able to freely express themselves and network.

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Accessible travelling

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LGBTQ+ Community

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These tips are just the beginning of our recommendations for Frankfurt. Over time, we will present many more exciting topics and suggestions. Stay tuned and discover the many facets of Frankfurt with us. Visitors may look forward to a continuous expansion of our collection of tips.

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