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The 20th of March of every year heralds the beginning of spring,

But in Frankfurt, springtime commences the moment you feel the sun shining warmly on your skin.

The city awakens to new life as flowers bloom in the parks and the banks of the Main fill with people enjoying the fresh air. Cafés move their chairs outside and the streets of Frankfurt come alive with visitors and locals eager to catch the first rays of sunshine.

With the arrival of spring, evenings in Frankfurt turn into a time full of warmth and a lively atmosphere. People gather in the outdoor areas of cafés and restaurants to enjoy the fresh breeze and the first long hours of sunshine together.

Bicycles are brought out of hibernation and spring festivals take place all over the city, celebrating Frankfurt's cultural diversity.

It is a time of renewal and joy, when the city opens its doors and warmly invites everyone to experience spring in Frankfurt in all its splendour.

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  • Spring Dippemess

  • Green Sauce Festival

  • Wäldchestag (Frankfurt Forest Festival)

In Frankfurt, spring not only marks the beginning of warmer days, but also a time of celebration and cultural diversity.

Highlights include the Dippemess, a traditional fair that fills the city with its nostalgic flair, the Green Sauce Festival, which pays homage to Frankfurt's most famous speciality, and Wäldchestag (Frankfurt Forest Festival), known as Frankfurt's "bank holiday", which attracts everyone to the city's green oases.

Places to enjoy spring in Frankfurt

Must-Visit Spots for
Spring in Frankfurt

Spring in Frankfurt is the start of a new year, characterised by blossoming landscapes, lively street cafés and a multitude of festivals that reflect the city's cultural diversity and joie de vivre.

Whether strolling along the Main, savouring the first sundaes outdoors or taking part in traditional festivals - Frankfurt offers countless opportunities to enjoy spring to the full.


  • Cultural highlights: Spring revitalises Frankfurt's cultural scene - from open-air concerts to exhibitions under blue skies, a paradise for culture enthusiasts.


  • Green oases and nature experiences: Green refuges in the centre of the city are blossoming, inviting people to go for walks and picnics and offering a fresh perspective on urban life.


  • Market experiences: Colourful weekly markets awaken, present regional spring delicacies and transform into meeting places for connoisseurs and bon vivants.


  • Special places by the water: Frankfurt's riverbanks and waterways become lively meeting places where springtime feelings arise from the view of glittering waves.


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Feelings and

What the people of Frankfurt are looking forward to in spring

When spring arrives in Frankfurt, you can feel a special energy in the air. The days get longer, hearts get lighter and the whole city seems to open up, ready for all the joys that this time of year brings. Here are some of the highlights that delight Frankfurters every year:

  • The reopening of open-air cafés:

    • enjoying your first coffee outdoors while the city comes to life around you.
  • Walks along the blossoming banks of the Main:

    • Nature is at its best and invites you to take long walks.
  • The return of festivals and markets:

    • every open-air event is a meeting place for community and culture.
  • The blossoming of city gardens and parks:

    • every visit reveals new colours and shapes, a feast for the senses.
  • Cycle tours through the green belt:

    • the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings on two wheels while enjoying the fresh air.