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Spring Dippemess

22.03. – 14.04.2024

The start of the festival season

Celebrate the start of spring for three weeks

Spring in Frankfurt? That means the Dippemess is back! Our festive season kick-off is just around the corner and we're ready to welcome spring with open arms. Three weeks full of laughter, lights and lively moments await you. Here, at the Dippemess, Frankfurt starts to bubble - a perfect mix of thrills and delights.

Throw yourself into the fun with carousels that will make your heart beat faster and treats that will make your taste buds dance. Join our festival of joy - because now is the time to celebrate spring together!

© #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann


Attractions of the Spring Dippemess 2024

The following fairground attractions will make the Dippemess unforgetable!

Fun for the grown-ups:
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Alpina Rollercoaster
  • Euro-Coaster (Rollercoaster)
  • Pirate Ride (White-Water Ride)
  • Après-Ski-Party (Rotating Running Circuit)
  • The Big Ghost Train (Multi-Storey Ride)
  • The Wobbler (High-Tech Carousel Ride)
  • Disco-Express (Roundabout Ride, Mountain Railway)
  • Hip-Hop Fly (Giant Swing - Afterburner)
  • Fortress Tower (80-Metre-Tall Free-Fall Ride)
  • Break Dancer (Amusement Ride)
  • BoosterMax (High-Tech Gondola Ride)
  • Infinity (Frisbee Ride)
  • Nessy Giant Swing (Swingboat)
  • Circus-Circus (Roundabout Ride)
  • Wave Rider (Chain-Link Carousel)
  • Rallye Monte Carlo (Go-Kart Track)
  • 2 x Auto-Scooter (Bumper Cars)
Fun for the little ones:
  • 1001 Nights children's carousel
  • Children's Sports Carousel
  • Children's Auto-Scooter (Bumper Cars)
  • Little Pirates Boat Ride (Aqua-Ball)
  • Children's Traffic Instruction (Children's Ride)
  • 2 x Children's Sport Carousel (Adventure Ride)
  • Mini Airport
  • The Montgolfiére (Children's Gondola Ride)
  • Highway (Children's Loopster)
  • DropZone (Free-Fall Ride)
  • Beach Jumper (Bungee-Trampolin)
There will also be:
  • Shooting Galleries
  • Games of Skill and Chance
  • Food and Specialty Stalls
  • Sweets Stalls


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