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06.09 – 22.09.2024  

A folk festival rich in tradition

Nostalgic rides 
and modern attractions  

The Frankfurt Dippemess, a festival of colour, lights and joie de vivre, is a traditional folk fair that has been making visitors' hearts beat faster for centuries. A magical spectacle of brightly lit carousels, speeding rollercoasters and fragrant treats unfolds here, enchanting young and old alike.


The Dippemess is a meeting place for families, friends and anyone who wants to experience the flair of a real folk festival. Immerse yourself in a world full of tradition, fun and culinary delights.


History and character of the Dippemess

From traders' market
to folk fair

The Frankfurt Dippemess looks back on a tradition dating back to the 14th century. Back then, the "Maamess", as it was known, was a mediaeval sales market for household goods.

To discover the origins of Frankfurt's oldest folk festival, the Dippemess, you have to travel back in time to the late Middle Ages. Back in those times, potters from the Wetterau region, and later also the manufacturers of the stoneware decorated with grey-blue salt glaze from the Kannebäckerland - to whom we owe the typical Frankfurt Bembel -, moved to the River Main for these spring and autumn fairs. The latter has been documented since 1240. In addition to the countless stalls featuring merchandise from all over the world, the "Krugmänner" and "Topfkrämer" sold their goods, known in Frankfurt as "Dippe", at stalls on the riverside. The fairs have always attracted jugglers, acrobats, tightrope walkers and comedians as well. Gradually, the mediaeval fair was joined by fairground stalls and showmen. These "fair attractions" were soon separated from the actual fair and, after setting up at several different inner-city locations over the centuries, the Dippemess finally found its current home on the fairground on Ratsweg in eastern Frankfurt in 1968.

As technology developed, the rides also became more spectacular. The number of visitors increased rapidly as new attractions attracted more and more guests. The classic dippers are no longer available to buy there today, as these are simply no longer available.

  • Rides:
    From ultra-modern rollercoasters with breathtaking loops to nostalgic carousels - the Dippemess offers adrenaline and fun for everyone. Especially for the youngest visitors, there are numerous child-friendly rides and merry-go-rounds that will make their eyes light up.

  • Traders' market, stalls and shooting stands: 
    Experience the tradition of the festival up close with stalls offering a variety of goods and reflecting the historical origins of the market. You can also test your skill and luck at various game booths and shooting stands and have the chance to win great prizes.

  • Culinary delights: 
    A wide range of food and drink is on offer, from classic cider to international delicacies and typical folk festival snacks such as roasted almonds and candy floss. The centrepiece is the festival tent with live music, beer and cider, where visitors come together and celebrate.

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Spring Dippemess

Frankfurt's Spring Dippemess is a real highlight, marking the start of the festival season. Running for around three weeks, it offers visitors from near and far a great opportunity to celebrate the start of spring. The special energy that the spring season brings is also reflected in the festival grounds - it is wilder, louder and more exciting than at other times of the year.

Autumn Dippemess

The Autumn Dippemess is the cosy "little brother" of the springtime version. Its shorter duration heralds the end of the folk festival season and creates a quieter, family atmosphere. The special nature of this time of year, with cooler temperatures and an earlier onset of dusk, gives the festival a unique charm, particularly emphasised by its atmospheric lighting. This festival is the ideal time to enjoy the culinary offerings and experience the cosy side of the season.


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