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The Frankfurt of today

Between historical jewels and futuristic skyscrapers

One city, two worlds: Discover the interplay between history and the future. Here, where medieval church spires and glassy peaks of modernity reflect each other in the skyline, every building tells its own story. It is a place that fascinates architecture enthusiasts and culture lovers alike.

When talking about the Frankfurt of the past, you can immerse yourself in the stories of past centuries. Half-timbered houses and historic squares give you the feeling of travelling through time. But just a stone's throw away, the "Modern Frankfurt" skyscrapers rise up, daring to look to the future with their futuristic architecture.

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Frankfurt of the past

A glimpse into a glorious time gone by

When talking about Frankfurts past a window into a fascinating time gone by is opened. Enter a world where time is visible in the alleyways and on the façades. The Eiserne Steg, more than just a bridge, not only connects the banks of the river, but also the stories of love and hope engraved in its steel. The Eschenheim Tower rises up as a testimony to medieval fortification, a silent guardian of the city's history. In the neighbourhood of Frankfurt Höchst, Höchst Palace with its magnificent rooms and picturesque palace square invites you to dream of times gone by.

The Römer, the historic town hall, is a symbol of Frankfurt's power and history. With its characteristic façade, it invites you to delve deeper into the city's political and cultural past. Opposite the Römer is the Ostzeile, a picturesque row of half-timbered houses that characterise the image of the old market square. They offer a fascinating insight into the architecture and everyday life of the past.

The Kaiserdom, with its impressive silhouette, stands as a symbol of power and faith, a place that once saw kings and emperors. Each of these buildings tells its own story, embedded in Frankfurt's rich history. They invite you to go on a journey of discovery and explore the Frankfurt of the past with all its facets. Let yourself be transported back in time by the beauty and depth of the history that lives in these places.

Modern Frankfurt

From the "New Frankfurt" to a new Old Town

Modern Frankfurt is characterised by its bold forward-looking approach and constant renewal. Here, visionary architecture and sustainable urban development combine to create a dynamic cityscape that never ceases to fascinate residents and visitors alike.

From the legendary "New Frankfurt" project of the 1920s, which set international standards with its innovative ideas for residential culture and urban development, the arc stretches all the way to the reconstructed new historic city centre. This impressive symbiosis of past and future, of tradition and modernity, makes Frankfurt a unique architectural experience.

The new Old Town, a masterpiece of urban integration, combines historic façades with modern living and offers a lively meeting place. Built between the cathedral and the Römer, it blends seamlessly into the cityscape and symbolises Frankfurt's ability to reinterpret history and keep it alive for the future.

Modern Frankfurt is a concept in which innovation and tradition, the heritage of the past and visions for tomorrow, go hand in hand. Discover with us the architectural highlights and urban development innovations that make Frankfurt am Main one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

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