Construction on St Justin's Church began around 830, once Archbishop Otgar of Mainz had returned from Rome with the relics of St Justin. The church was completed around 850.

The validity of these dates was confirmed as recently as 1999 by examination of the ground beneath the structure. The church was consecrated by Archbishop Rhabanus Maurus (Mainz). Justinuskirche ceased to serve as minster in 1803 and parish church in 1909. The church belongs to the Catholic parish of St. Josef. Regular church service continues to be held in the church. Its atmosphere has made the church a favourite venue for weddings. Moreover, the church is a popular concert venue, in part because of its concert organ. Höchst's Organ Summer Festival is just one of many events taking advantage of the church's concert suitability


Getting there
Justinusplatz 2-4
65929 Frankfurt am Main