This park, which used to be the home of the grand estate of the von Rothschild family, is today a popular recreational site for families with children.

Back in 1816, Amschel Mayer von Rothschild purchased the property, which is situated on the fringe of Frankfurt, and erected a market garden and a summer house. In 1832, he had the neo-classical Rothschild Palace built there, also establishing an "jardin anglais-style landscape garden with a neo-Gothic tower. In 1938, the Rothschild family was forced to sell the entire property well below value. The palace and large parts of the park were destroyed during the Allied bombing raids of World War II. The park was restored after the war, its face has however changed. Some 4.5 hectares in size, it features a network of winding paths that offers surprising views around most every corner. Behind a hill, one is able to espy the restored neo-Gothic tower. There's also a playground that invites children to frolic to their hearts' content. And nearby, as in prior times, the park's seven bronze figures, created by Georg Kolbe and known as the "Ring of Statues", exude quietude and harmony.


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