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Frankfurt from A to Z

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Let yourself be carried away by the energy of Frankfurt and discover the numerous sights that make this city so unique.

Whether you like to explore history following the footsteps of Goethe, immerse yourself in the world of finance or simply savour the local cuisine - Frankfurt welcomes you and has countless discoveries in store for you. Join us on a journey that will let you experience the diversity and charm of Frankfurt from A to Z. It's time to become better acquainted with the many highlights of Frnakfurt and let yourself be enchanted by the fascination of this city. Are you ready to see Frankfurt with different eyes? Pack your curiosity and let's get started!


Frankfurt Airport was opened. Around 1400 flights land and take off there every day.


floors has the Main Tower and a viewing platform at a height of 200 metres, which offers a unique view.


parks and around 350 green spaces show that Frankfurt is a green city.