Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt im Karmeliterkloster (Archaeological Museum in the Carmelite Monastery)


Historical Building

The Archaeological Museum, formerly the Museum of Pre- and Early History, is housed in the Carmelite Church. A modern annexe designed by Joseph-Paul Kleihues has recently been added.

The Archaeological Museum devotes itself to the investigation, documentation and presentation of archaeological findings of Frankfurt and its environs from pre-historic times, the Roman period, the Middle Ages and the modern era.

The Carmelite Monastery was built from 1246 onwards on the grounds between Münzstrasse, Seckbächerstrasse, Alter Mainzer Strasse and Karmelitergasse.

The first hall was consecrated in 1270, followed by a rectangular presbytery in 1290. Donations by Frankfurt patricians, including the von Holzhausen family, made it possible to enlarge the presbytery in 1430. The refectory and the cloister were added later, elongating the monastery in a northerly direction. During the period of secularisation the monastery was also used as repository, fire station and military hospital. The convent is now used by the Institute of City History.



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Getting there
Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt im Karmeliterkloster (Archaeological Museum in the Carmelite Monastery)
Karmelitergasse 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main