Neues Theater Höchst (New Theater Höchst)


Performing Arts Theatre
The grand emotions, the little mischief; the bulging life on stage and the colorful show - the NEW THEATER Höchst offers intelligent entertainment and  everything your heart desires: A unique, exquisite and colorful mix of cabaret and music as well as, two months a year, a Varieté program.

Popular with artists and audiences

The theater founded in 1987 has evolved over the years into one of the leading cabarets in Hessen. For many artists, the theater is considered the main stage in the Frankfurt area, with its 250 seats still producing the kind of proximity between artist and audience, which is so important for cabaret. The Musical Genre is primarily focused towards A Cappella: The most famous and talented groups of the scene gather and perform at the New Theater Höchst.

Variety for the whole family

Twice a year, in March and in November, the house offers self-produced, four-week vaudeville programs that are presented in a through-composed show.  These feature the best national artists alongside international stars and offer entertainment for the whole family at an affordable price. Established in 1987 and hence the oldest German vaudeville program, it has added to the recent boom of this old theater genre and has introduced it with its own individual touch.




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Getting there
Neues Theater Höchst (New Theater Höchst)
Emmerich-Josef-Straße 46a
65929 Frankfurt am Main