Peter Behrens-Bau (The Peter Behrens Building)


Famous Building

This masterpiece of industrial architecture was designed by Peter Behrens and built between 1920 and 1924. It served as the technical administration building of the former Hoechst AG and is located in today's Höchst Industrial Park.

Thanks to its rapid rate of growth, the company was forced to move to a larger production site its present-day premises in 1874. and thus, the way was paved for Höchst to develop into one of the world's leading chemical corporations. The main administrative complex, designed by Peter Behrens, was completed in 1924. Today, it serves as a leading example of expressionist architecture. So distinct is the bridge leading from the giant stairwell to the old main entrance that it was chosen to represent the company on its corporate logo. Visitors are requested to present formal ID when entering at the East Gate.


Getting there
Peter Behrens-Bau (The Peter Behrens Building)
Industriepark Höchst
65929 Frankfurt am Main