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Top-10 places of interest

of Frankfurt

Our highlights

Things to definitely have seen in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has of course many other treasures in store, but in this compilation we present our ten absolute highlights.

From the lively zoo, which takes you to a world full of exotic animals and plants, to the magnificent Alte Oper opera house, which offers musical experiences performed in an acoustic masterpiece, Frankfurt always shows its versatile side. Emperors' Cathedral St Bartholomew and the Main Tower with its impressive panoramic are two further unique sights. The redesigned New Old Town takes you back to mediaeval Frankfurt, while the Römer, the city's historical town hall, emphasises the Frankfurt's importance as a political centre. The Goethe-House, not far from the Eiserner Steg footbridge, delves deep into Frankfurt's cultural roots. Together with the Museum Embankment, which attracts culture enthusiasts from near and far, Frankfurt creates a lively mosaic of experiences that makes the city a destination full of stories and discoveries.

National Assembly

On 18 May 1848, the members of the first all-German parliament convened in Frankfurt's Paulskirche.

Bernhard Grzimek

was zoo director from 1945 to 1974. His work in nature conservation, publications and films, in particular the Oscar-winning film "Serengeti shall not die", earned him international recognition.

Love locks

also hang in large numbers on the Iron Footbridge. It is customary for lovers to attach the locks to the railings and throw the key into the river to symbolise their undying love.