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Wine Festival

28.08 – 06.09.2024

Pleasure, culture and community

The variety of wine: 
Rheingau Wine Festival

During this popular festival, the heart of the city waits you with a colourful variety of exquisite wines from the sun-kissed Rheingau region Every sip is a story told by the hands of the winemakers, who create with passion and innovation wines of unrivalled quality.



The Rheingau Wine Festival is a feast for the senses, a meeting place of local culture and culinary delights. For locals, it is an opportunity to rediscover their own city; for tourists, it is a window to Frankfurt's most charming side.


Tradition meets passion

Moments of pleasure with Rheingau wines on the Freßgass'

Every year, when late summer bathes Frankfurt in a golden light, the famous "Freßgass" promenade comes to life in a special way: This is the time when the traditional Rheingau Wine Festival opens its doors. An event dedicated exclusively to the wineries of the picturesque Rheingau region attracts wine lovers from near and far to the heart of the city to celebrate the fine wines of this unique wine-growing region.

Since its premiere in 1978, the Rheingau Wine Festival has established itself as a permanent fixture on Frankfurt's cultural calendar. Then as now, it takes place on the "Freßgass'", a street whose name colloquially stands for epicurean delights and is therefore the ideal venue for this festival. Here, winegrowers present their best red, white and sparkling wines, while the catering establishments directly adjacent to Freßgass' provide culinary delicacies for the physical well-being of the festival's visitors.

The idea behind the Rheingau Wine Festival is as simple as it is ingenious: to bring winemakers and consumers directly together. The focus on the Rheingau wine-growing region is not only due to its importance as a recreational area for Frankfurt, but also because of its historical connection to the city through the Lohrberg, the outermost tip of the Rheingau.

The exchange between winemakers and wine lovers is a central element of the wine market. The consultations not only offer deep insights into the world of wine, but also encourage dialogue between visitors. The Rheingau Wine Festival has thus developed into a meeting place where wine serves as a point of contact for bringing people together and sparking conversations.


  • Exquisite wine selection: 
    Over 600 wines and sparkling wines directly from the Rheingau offer unrivalled variety and quality. Visitors can taste their way through the different vintages and grape varieties, from classic Rieslings to rare specialities.

  • Personal encounters with winegrowers: 
    The opportunity to talk directly to the winemakers offers unique insights into winemaking and the passion behind every drop.

  • Culinary delights: 
    Alongside the wines, culinary specialities carefully selected by the gastronomic neighbours of the Freßgass' will be on offer. These range from regional delicacies to international specialities, perfectly matched to the wines of the Rheingau.

  • Atmospheric ambience: 
    The Freßgass', known for its restaurants, is transformed into a lively festival mile during the wine market. The atmosphere is characterised by festive hustle and bustle, music and the joy of enjoying food and drink together.

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Information on the festival programme will follow.


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