Palmengarten (Botanical Garden Frankfurt)


Nature Park
This superb botanical showcase was originally established thanks to the purchase of the Duke of Nassau's excellent tropical-plant collection. A special greenhouse was erected to house these plants, enabling visitors to meander through a jungle-like tropical environment.

Here, guests experience flora from a variety of climate zones within a park area of over 22 hectares and 7,000 sq/m of conservatory space. Internationally renowned exhibitions and festive events offer an array of splendidly colourful programme.



Geschlossen: 31.12.2024
Geschlossen: 18.01.2024
Geschlossen: 24.12.2024
01.11.2023 - 28.02.2024


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Getting there
Palmengarten (Botanical Garden Frankfurt)
Siesmayerstraße 61
60323 Frankfurt am Main