Struwwelpeter Museum


Museum for children and families

Over the years, Shock-haired Peter, Cruel Frederick, Little Suck-a-Thumb or Johnny Head-in-the-Air have become household names to children and adults all around the world.

In the reopened Struwwelpeter Museum in the middle of the new old town, drawings, books and documents are presented that introduce Heinrich Hoffmann as a loving family father, doctor and poet. Rare Struwwelpeter editions, many translations, witty parodies, kitsch and art tell of the picture book's long-lasting success.
With lots of fun and games, children in the museum rediscover the stories and bring them to life. The children's level in the exhibition design invites visitors to an interactive museum experience with story islands and a play path. Visitors young and old can play dice around the world in 77 days with "Herr Fix von Bickenbach" or have their picture taken with the large figures from the book. Want to be Struwwelpeter for once? In the theater room, everyone can dress up and act out the Struwwelpeter stories on a real stage. Of course, adult visitors can also try out how the Struwwelpeter look suits them. A creative table is available for further activities. It is a special pleasure to celebrate a child's birthday "at Struwwelpeter's". Kindergartens, school classes, etc. can visit the museum as part of a hands-on guided tour.



Geschlossen: 31.12.2024
Geschlossen: 24.12.2024
Geschlossen: 25.12.2024

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Getting there
Struwwelpeter Museum
Hinter dem Lämmchen 2-4
60311 Frankfurt am Main