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Apple Wine

A taste of Frankfurt culture

Frankfurt's liquid gold is not just a beverage, it is an experience. Deeply rooted in Hessian tradition, every sip reflects the soul and history of the region. This drink, pressed from the juiciest apples, undergoes a loving fermentation process that gives it its unmistakably refreshing, slightly tangy flavour.

Traditionally, apple wine is enjoyed from a ribbed glass with a diamond pattern, which not only enhances the tactile experience but is also part of the cultural heritage. The diversity of apple wine unfolds in the way it is enjoyed: pure for the purists, "Sauergespritzter" with a hint of mineral water or "Süßgespritzter" mixed with lemonade for a softer flavour. Each variant tells its own story.

Embedded in the heart of Frankfurt's hospitality, the traditional apple wine taverns, known as "Ebbelwei-Wirtschaften", are the centrepiece of this city's cultural heritage. Here, served from the Bembel, a typical Hessian stone jug, apple wine becomes a symbol of community.

Tasting this liquid gold means becoming part of Frankfurt's culture. It is an invitation to sit back, soak up the atmosphere and experience a piece of Hessian joie de vivre. Apple wine is more than just a drink - it is a journey of discovery, a piece of home waiting to be explored. Come and let yourself be captivated by its charm.

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Frankfurt Green Sauce

One spoonful of tradition

Frankfurt Green Sauce is considered the city's culinary flagship and is one of Frankfurt's seven culinary specialities. What makes it so special, you ask? Well, for one, t is served cold. This often comes as a surprise to first-time tasters.

Made from a finely balanced mixture of seven herbs - chives, parsley, chervil, borage, sorrel, burnet and cress - the sauce develops its characteristic, fresh flavour.

Whether served with boiled eggs and jacket potatoes or as a fresh dip with fish or schnitzel, Frankfurt Green Sauce is a versatile favourite. It is a culinary delight that characterises Frankfurt's culinary landscape.

The annual Green Sauce Festival in Frankfurt underlines the dish's cultural significance and celebrates the creativity that goes into the preparation of this wonderful speciality.

Hand Cheese (with Music)

The healthy cheese with a fat content of less than 1%

“Hand Cheese with Music” (Handkäs mit Musik) is more than just a local speciality; it is a contemporary culinary document from the year 1813, born in Groß-Gerau. The small, round, hand-moulded sour milk cheeses combine skill with tradition and have developed from a simple dish for the "little people" into a staple of Frankfurt cuisine.

Marinated in a savoury mixture of vinegar, oil and spices, the cheese develops its full-bodied flavour. "Music" comes into play through the raw onions, which, in addition to a savoury note, also provide a cheerful anecdote in the Frankfurt vernacular.

“Handkäs'” is traditionally presented at the city's restaurants: With just a knife, some buttered bread on the side and, of course, the indispensable onions. This simplicity makes the dish authentic and down-to-earth.

“Handkäs' mit Musik” is not just a dish; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich culture and warmhearted community of Frankfurt. It embodies a love for the simple pleasures of life and offers everyone who tries it a genuine taste of the city's history. Simply put, it is a must for anyone who wants to experience the real Frankfurt.

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Frankfurter Sausages

Only genuine if from the region

“Frankfurter” sausages are the culinary flagship of the metropolis on the Main, comparable to Parma ham in Italy. Their roots go back to 1562, when they first tantalised the palates of guests at the coronation of Maximilian II. This long history not only emphasises their importance in regional cuisine, but also their reputation as a world-class delicacy.

Uniqueness through tradition: Genuine Frankfurt sausages may only be produced in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. A resolution passed in 1929 protects their origin and guarantees their authenticity. The strict regulations ensure quality, which is reflected in the choice of meat and the traditional smoking process using beech wood.

The sausages are traditionally served in pairs and offer an authentic flavour experience, whether dipped in mustard or horseradish. The best way to enjoy them? Quite simply by hand, which emphasises their down-to-earth nature. Frankfurt sausages are therefore more than just a meal - they are a taste of Frankfurt's history and culture.

Whether served in apple wine bars or on finer occasions, Frankfurter sausages celebrate the diversity and richness of local cuisine. They invite you to become part of Frankfurt's living tradition and honour its culinary heritage with every bite.

Frankfurt loin ribs

Best served with sauerkraut

A classic of Hessian cuisine

Frankfurt loin ribs occupy a special place in the culinary world of Frankfurt. This traditional dish, consisting of carefully cured and cooked pork, is a firm favourite on the regional menu. It combines the warmth of Hessian hospitality with a love of strong, down-to-earth flavours.

Served warm, Frankfurt loin ribs harmonise perfectly with sauerkraut and creamy mashed potatoes, a combination that warms the soul and is particularly appreciated on cold days. But the versatility of this speciality is also evident in its cold version, which is often served with fresh bread, bread rolls or a hearty potato salad. Both versions offer an authentic flavour experience that is deeply rooted in Hessian food culture.

Whether in the cosy atmosphere of a traditional apple wine pub or at the city's finer culinary addresses, Frankfurt loin ribs are a must for anyone who wants to taste the real Frankfurt.

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Frankfurt Crown Cake

Butter-creme cake Frankfurt style

Frankfurt Crown Cake ("Frankfurter Kranz"), a masterpiece of the art of baking since 1735, is more than just a cake - it is a piece of Frankfurt pride. This magnificent buttercream cake in its characteristic ring shape not only honours the form of a crown, but also tells a story of opulence and elegance. Covered in crunchy brittle that mimics gold and topped with bright red cherries reminiscent of precious rubies, each Frankfurt Crown Cake is a work of art that reflects the splendour of a royal crown.

Whether this creation was intended as a tribute to the coronation of Charles VI in 1711 or a general ode to the city of Frankfurt remains a sweet secret of history. But one thing is certain:  Frankfurt Crown Cake epitomises the city's rich tradition and cultural wealth.

Every slice of this cake is a celebration of Frankfurt, a bite that travels through time and history. With its harmonious combination of flavour and symbolism, Frankfurt Crown Cake invites you to experience the city's cultural heritage and sweet traditions. A cake not just for festive occasions, but as a constant reminder of Frankfurt's rich culture and undying pride.


Frankfurt's sweet tradition

“Bethmännchen”, small marzipan biscuits decorated with almonds, are deeply rooted in Frankfurt culture. Created in the House of Bethmann, they tell a story as rich as their flavour. Originally, four almond halves represented the four sons of the renowned Bethmann banking family. A tradition that changed after the loss of a son - since then, only three almonds adorn these delicious biscuits.

More than just a sweet, Bethmännchen are a piece of living history that tells the story of Frankfurt's past and its citizens with every bite. These marzipan balls are not only popular with locals and visitors alike because of their delicate flavour, but also stand as a symbol of solidarity with the city and its traditions.

Whether as a gift at Christmastime or as a sweet gesture on special occasions, Bethmännchen are a symbol of love and remembrance that has endured for generations. The heart of Frankfurt lives on in each of these small, carefully crafted marzipan balls, a delicious tribute to family, tradition and the sweet side of life.

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