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Apple Wine Festival

09.08. - 18.08.2024

Immerse yourself in the world of apple wine

Apple Wine - 
A Frankfurt cultural asset

The Apple Wine Festival in Frankfurt puts the centrepiece of local culture in the spotlight: cider. This festival brings together people from all corners of Germany to experience the diversity and tradition of this popular drink.

With each taste of apple wine, visitors delve deeper into the rich history and innovative flavours. From classic to creative, each flavour tells the story of its production and the people behind it.

In addition to the enjoyment of apple wine, the festival offers a colourful programme: Live music that enlivens the atmosphere, workshops that provide insights into the art of apple wine making and culinary delights that perfectly complement the flavour of the apple wine.

Apple wine magic

From pure to sparkling 
– discover the variety 

The Apple WIne Festival in Frankfurt is a journey through the history and culture of a drink that is deeply rooted in the Hessian soul: apple wine, affectionately known as "Ebbelwoi". At the lively Roßmarkt in summer, Frankfurt is transformed into a stronghold of cider culture, where tradition and contemporary creations come together to create an unforgettable experience.

For centuries, apple wine has been more than just a drink in Hesse; it is an expression of regional identity and joie de vivre. The variety of enjoyment - pure, as a "spritzer" with mineral water or sparkling mixed with lemonade - shows the versatility of this Hessian national drink and its ability to unite generations and flavours.

The festival, organised in close cooperation with the local wineries, is a stage for the diversity of apple wine. A varied stage programme with live music creates the perfect festival atmosphere.

  • The diversity of apple wine: 
    The festival naturally focuses on cider in all its variations. From traditional pure varieties to refreshing spritzers and innovative creations, visitors can discover the whole range of Hesse's national drink.

  • Culinary specialities: 
    In addition to the apple wine, the culinary specialities are not neglected. Frankfurt specialities such as Handkäs mit Musik, Rippchen mit Kraut or Bethmännchen provide the perfect basis for apple wine tasting.

  • Market stalls: 
    Numerous market stalls around the Roßmarkt invite you to browse. Here you can find everything from apple wine accessories to regional products and artisan goods.

  • Live music and entertainment: 
    A varied stage programme with live music ensures an exuberant atmosphere among the guests. Whether traditional Hessian songs, modern beats or international sounds - there is something for every taste.

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Information on the programme will follow.


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