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Architecture and Urbanity

From modern skycrapers to timber-frame townhouses

43 ways to discover Frankfurt


Few cities evolve as dynamically as Frankfurt, while simultaneously embracing its roots and traditions. Join us on a journey from the city center to the neighborhoods, exploring weekly markets, rooftop bars, “water-houses” and parks.

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Frankfurt City Centre


Unique in Germany: The skyline. It is the most popular photo motif and the place to be. Numerous roof terraces, rooftop bars, and hotel rooms with spectacular views bring the skyline to life and guarantee unforgettable moments. In summer as in winter.

New Frankfurt Old Town


Frankfurt not only reinvented itself with the restoration of this historical quarter in the heart of the city, it also rediscovered its roots. The New Frankfurt Old Town is a mix of modern new buildings and historical reconstructions, full of museums, restaurants, small cafés and shops. A place where history comes alive.

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Two women sitting in front of a water house in summer
Thirsty for some local flair? "Water-houses" such as "Nox", "Fein" or "Gudes" have a long tradition and are much-loved meeting places today.
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Sachsenhausen and the Bridge Quarter


The road across Alte Brücke inevitably leads to Sachsenhausen’s most charming neighbourhood: The Bridge Quarter (Brückenviertel) is no more than a square kilometre in size, but features a surprisingly large number of small cafés and independent shops. Right next door, Frankfurt traditions are preserved in the apple wine pubs in Alt-Sachsenhausen.

North End and Bockenheim


Grand old villas, countless green spaces and a colourful blend of independent cafés, restaurants and shops – This combination is what makes the North End (Nordend) north of the city centre so popular. Berger Straße and Oeder Weg are particularly well suited for a shopping spree or a culinary stopover.

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Palmengarten, the Main riverbank, Chinese Garden, GreenBelt: over 50 parks offer relaxation and provide a stage for cultural events.
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Anyone willing to board the small river ferry in the western part of Frankfurt for a trip to Höchst – with its historical timber-frame old town – is guaranteed to experience Frankfurt from an entirely different perspective. Two magnificent buildings, the gleaming white Höchst Castle and the splendid Bolongaro Palace, are enthroned on the River Main.